EBL Confidence

Watch your small savings become BIG!

With EBL Confidence, just select the time and the monthly deposit as per your requirement and see the magic of turning your small monthly savings into a large amount over a period; the perfect investment scheme to boost your confidence – the EBL Way.

Best for you if you  

  • Want to go for short to midterm savings    
  • Want to choose the final amount as per your requirement    
  • Want flexible tenures and monthly installments


  • Tenure and rate
Monthly Installment Maturity after 3 Years Maturity after 5 Years Maturity after 7 Years Maturity after 10 Years
500 19,611 34,598 51,323 80,119
1,000 39,222 69,196 102,647 160,238
5,000 196,111 345,982 513,238 801,193
10,000 392,222 691,965 1,026,477 1,602,386
20,000 784,445 1,383,930 2,052,954 3,204,773

* Multiple of 500; highest 20000 Monthly Installment


  • Maturity Amount mentioned above is before Tax
  • For other installments maturity value will follow the above table; i.e. if monthly installment is BDT 2500 for 5 years, the maturity value will be 34598*5=172990  (as 2500/500=5).
  • Maturity value is subject to proper and regular payment of the prescribed monthly installments 
  • Any Bangladeshi Citizen aged 18 years or above can open this account 
  • EBL Confidence can be opened at any multiple of Tk. 500 to Tk. 20,000.00 per month   
  • One customer can open more than one “EBL Confidence”   
  • Automatic realization of monthly installments    
  • Maximum 90% Loan facility    
  • In case of Early encashment, Interest forfeiture will be as below:
    • Closed Before One Year – No Interest will be provided
    • Closed After one Year but before three Year- Interest at prevailing Savings Rate
    • Closed After 3 Year-Interest at EBL Confidence Rate

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